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ma name is Greg Shingle, and, which is quite funny, I decided to study the topic of shingles (hepres zoster) and became expert in that field.


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  1. I want to thank you for your article on internal shingles, I have had it for over three years and my pain is about a 7-8 on the smiley face scale. I don’t want to talk about me, what I want is to help people like me who have lost friends? because they have been told this disease is contagious most of all I am tired like many of your readers of the medical field that does not believe this virus does not exist. They treat their patients like drugs and usually ask us what is our drug of choice.
    What I am you is there a way where you (we) all of us that suffer could get Doctors to find an answer to this virus and its pain I truly believe that this virus is under diagnose and there a many people that don’t understand what is happening, I believe that it goes back to the thought that if one can’t see it then it doesn’t exist. Can you help me. Helene

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