Side effects of shingles vaccine

side effects of shingles vaccine Medical world describes shingles as local skin disease virus causes. Our experts later discovered that the virus has at least two similarities with varicella zoster. It is an illness we know for its responsibility in causing chicken pox that turns every child life into a nightmare. Furthermore, varicella zoster is also a unique virus that will not completely leave your body once it has successfully infected it. It stays in your body, and when the ‘perfect time’ comes, it will come again in a new form as shingles, as we know it. This is why vaccine is needed.

In 2013, CDC reported at least one million cases of this disease and most of them come from elderly people. At this rate, it is normal when people get afraid of it even after the discovery of its cure.


When do you need vaccine for this skin disease?

Varicella zoster virus can attack anyone at any time, but the risk will double when you reached 59 or 60 years old. There is no valid medical proof that can tell us why this virus ‘choose’ people at this age, but the most logical reason will lead us to degeneration issue. In the medical world, it is a common thing for people at 59 or 60 years to suffer from degenerative disease. It is a condition when our body function and/or structure will increasingly deteriorate, due to various reasons from natural reasons, lifestyle, eating habits, or other causes. That is the reason people at this age become more vulnerable to this infection than other age segments which have better body function and structure than them.

It is the higher vulnerability than another age division that also leads to conclusion that people at this age segment needs the vaccine more than other people. However, even though some medical studies revealed that the cure can reduce the risk up to 50%, it is also essential to raise our awareness of its possible side effects. At present, several medical studies found out that there are at least two categories of this medication side effect you should worry: mild and severe side effects. Do not get loose with the name because their stupid name does not reflect the real threat they bring.


Mild Side Effects of this Vaccine

Among all cases US CDC has recorded, sore throat becomes the most common side effects shingle patients ever reported as well as breathing problems, fever, flu symptoms, and swollen glands. However, the list does not end there. There are also other cases when people reported less severe side effects than the previous five symptoms. Their reports include muscle pain, diarrhea, joint pain, headache, mild skin rashes, redness, warmth, itching, swelling and bruising on particular skin area where doctor injected the vaccine into their body. However, even though we have more than one possible side effects of the cure of this disease, the number is still minor if we compare to total people who ever took the treatment. Before it came to public usage, shingle vaccine has passed various medical tests which guarantee both its safety and efficacy. In any case when side effects take place, it is likely that the symptoms will stay this way.


Serious Side Effects

Under rare circumstances, serious side effects of shingles medication may take place, but the percentage will stay as low as under 20%. Among all serious side effects that people ever reported to their doctor, severe allergic reaction becomes the most common issue.

At present, we know two common causes of allergic: either your body cannot deal with a particular threat, or it has weak auto-immune system like people with anaphylaxis have. Most medical experts describe anaphylaxis as a severe allergic reaction, as a result, of mediator substance release from specific white blood cell. The objectives may vary among people, but the most common cause is either non-immunologic or immunologic mechanism that finally triggers the release of this mediator. There are various anaphylaxis symptoms medical world ever recorded, but there are some specific symptoms that only happen when someone suffers from side effects of this ‘magical’ liquid. These symptoms include face swell, warmer skin than normal, skin redness, dizziness, hives, breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, and slow pulse. You should understand the critical idea. It does not take all the symptoms for the side effects to work. So, even though you see only one or maybe two symptoms, it is a good idea immediately to ask for medical attention. The symptoms may threaten your life at any time that even the best doctor in this world does not know precisely.


When You Should Stay Away From the Vaccine

Even though most vaccines we have today have the same appearance as water, it is important to remember that none of them has water as their only ingredients. Yes, it is important to have water as the solvent media, but it does not mean that water can fix every problem we have, especially when it comes to bad micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria. Vaccine is micro-organisms we have already weakened to improve our auto-immune system. In addition, there are perhaps some ‘additional’ parts doctors put into the bottle to increase its effectiveness. This is the precise location of the main problem. Some ingredients may trigger an allergic reaction for some people. Avoid using this cure if you have allergic symptoms to its ingredients, such as neomycin, gelatin, or other ingredients.

The same restriction also applies if you have weak immune system. Injecting the liquid into your body when you have weak auto-immune system will only weaken your body.

It is important to consult your doctor before taking any medical action because there are some drugs, such as steroid that require you to stay away from other drugs until the process is complete.

You should also put shingles vaccine at your black list if you suffer from cancer or if you are currently taking anti-cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. The liquid will only cause damage to your body, instead of bringing a solution to you.

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